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ケイブ祭りが大運動会 ~汗と涙とブルマ~

Last update Friday, May 20. Update the Special information! (Artwork for CDs)


●Event site


CAVE festival was held at Akihabara. Colorful national flags, entrance gate and bloomer girls(&boy)welcomed many visitors!

Some of the sales products were sold out in the afternoon due to high popularity!

ガチャコーナー ステージイベント

We prepared for 309 types of 'Gothic-wa-Mahou-Otome' button badges. There were so many visitors and a long line formed in front of the Gashapon section. Many visitors tried to complete their favorite character button badges.

Special event such as creater panel session,the game competition were held on the stage. Ami Hagihara(Voice actor as Digitalis) appeared on the stage.
*You can watch the stage program on 'Niko-Niko-Namahousou'.

アーケードゲームコーナー ランカーズコーナー

Many visitors enjoyed playing CAVE arcade game. Special project called 'Take me to the Boss' also got lively.

'DodonpachiIchimenBancho' competition was held in RANKERS section. Many players were in a dead heat for the prize! Steam section also got really lively.There was a lot of audience and long line to play.

●Collaborate with GROOVE COASTER!


We are going to offer the song of "Dodonpachi-Daifukkatsu" to GROOVE COASTER provided by Taito Corporation. New avatar "Deltasword" of which the motif is "Dodonpachi-Daifukkatsu" player vehicle.

●'Dodonpachi-Daifukkatsu' for Steam was announced!


The 3rd tittle following 'Mushihime-sama' 'Death Smiles' was announced! The tittle is 'Dodonpachi-Daifukkatsu' That will be released in fall,2016!

●'FeverSOS' for PS4 was announced!


'FeverSOS' for PS4 to be released in winter 2016 was announced by M2 Co.,Ltd. Various help function will be implemented for beginners!

●Information of 'Goma-Otsu' Collaboration!

ゴ魔乙コラボ情報 詳細発表!

'Goma-otsu' collaborate with 'Catalog IP Open Project' of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Many popular characters such as XEVIOUS,Pac-Man,MAPPY appear in 'Goma-otsu' as familiar. Character images and voice actors information was announced on the stage.

XEVIOUS (CV:Rie Kugimiya)

Pac-Man (CV:Aya Suzaki)

MAPPY (CV:Chiwa Saito)

DIGDUG(CV:Saori Hayami)

GALAGA(CV:Kaede Hondo)

*This is the act of participating in 'Catalog IP Open Project'

© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


●Friends character was announced!

Friends of 5 girls will appear in 'Goma-otsu' as familiar. Amamo(Cattleya's friend), Rinran(Souffle's friend) character images and voice actors information was announced.

Amamo (CV:Sora Tokui)
Rinran (CV:Mikoi Suzuki)
Satsuki (CV:Suzuko Mimori)
Paeoni (CV:Yoshino Nanjo)
Luculia (CV:Izumi Kitta)

*Images of Satsuki, Paeoni, Luculia to be announce in game.


●New! Five devils information!

Their images and voice actors information was announced.

Digitalis (CV:Ami Hagiwara)
Lily (CV: Bridcutt Sarah Emi)
Luccica (CV:Emiri Iwai)
Kalmia (CV:Arisa Hirano)
Datura (CV:Yoshiko Ikuta)

*You can watch the PV by clicking 'Special' as below.


Thanks for coming & watching NikoNiko-Nama-Housou!

Helpful information for the CAVE festival! Check the program of CAVE festival!


Admission : Free

Scheduled date and time : April 29(Fri), 2016 10am-6pm shine or rain!

Venue : Bellesalle Akihabara

Access :

●JR Line Akihabara St - Akihabara Electric Town Exit (4min)

●Tsukuba Express Line Akihabara St - EXIT3 (5min)

●Hibiya Line Akihabara St - EXIT2 (7min)

●About numbered tickets for the sales of product section

For all visitors, numbered tickets are needed to enter the sales of product section.

*Not necessary other section.

●About distribution of numbered tickets.

Time : Friday, April 29 7:00am ~

Location : Bellesalle Akihabara 1F Event space

(There is a sign board "整理券配布場所(Seiri-ken haifu basho)")

*There's a possibility that schedule may be modified.

*1 ticket per person

*Tickets are limited in number

●About numbered tickets

There is ‘number’and ‘time’ on your tickets. You are requied to come to the sales of products section 20 minutes before time on your ticket. Please line up in numerical order Resale of this ticket is strictly prohibited. we can't reissue your ticket for any reason.


Cash or credit card(VISA,MASTER)


[ 10:00~18:00(scheduled) ]

Download Price list(Adobe PDF)

●Official book “Gothic-wa –Mahou-Otome Art Works”is finally revealed!!!

There are many pieces of Goma-otsu illustration and also "Goma-Otsu"creative derector's interviw in this Artbook.

ゴシックは魔法乙女 Art Works

●Fully complete Gashapon on sale!!

309 of all characters of Button Badges sold on the event day are completed!!!

ゴシックは魔法乙女 缶バッジフルコンプセット

●Gothic-wa-Mahou-Otome original soundtrack album finally released!!

Gothic-wa-Mahou-Otome original soundtrack album released!! 33 songs are selected! sounds familiar song, the past event song ... and more. Including the secret unreleased songs on CD!? Be sure to pick up!

ゴシックは魔法乙女 オリジナルサウンドトラック

●CAVE's sound creator Daisuke Matsumoto remixed the masterpiece!!

Daisuke Matsumoto who created Gomaotsu sounds selected and remixed the best BOSS songs NON STOP DJ MIX!!!!!


●5 OTOME T-shirts, and many varieties of T-shirt will be sold!

Including Gothic-wa-Mahou-Otome T-shirts, Dodon-pachi-Dioujou, Dodon-pachi-Daihuukatsu, KETSUI T-shirts sold in the past CAVE's events will be sold. Over 10 types of T-shirts will be release!!


●CD single : Watashitachi-Mahou-Otome-desu☆


5 OTOME make a debut as LOVE★MAX girls !!

The first single CD of LOVE★MAX girls : Watashitachi-Mahou-Otome-desu☆

2016.4.29 ON SALE Price : 1,000YEN (Tax included)

The new CDs on sale at the event! we provide 5 patterns of CD jacket and contents. Included not only original song but also each character's mini-drama and free voice collection.

*There is a limit of number of sales CDs on the day. Be sure to stop by the booth and check it out!


●10%discount! Bloomer discount

10%discount the total amount as long as wearing a bloomer!

To claim a refund you must:

- declare at “uritsu-Gakuen-Koubaibu”

- wearing a bloomer

- have a receipt for the goods

- Only for the purchase of sales of product section.

* Bloomer discount can only be used once by all customers.

* Fractions less than 100 yen in the sales total amount are rounded up.

* A person qualified must contact our staff before purchase.

* Please don't use the nearby facilities for dressing.

●Let's trade up!

Some of our staff aring bottan badges.

Let’s trade up when you see them!

* only for Gasha-pon bottan badges

* one bottan one trade

* Please don't try again after a short while.

* Please don't scare the staff.

●Stage Event

[ 10:30 ~ 17:00(scheduled) ]

Stage event will be broadcasted live on NikoNiko-Nama-Housou!

●Event Synopsis

- Game platform presentation

  ■Taito collaboration presentation


      ばびー (Sound team ZUNTATA from Taito Corporation)

      DJ 87GT (GROOVE COASTER director from Taito Corporation)

    Agenda : GROOVE COASTER collaboration songs will be publish!

  ■M2 presentation

    Panelist : M2 Co.,Ltd.CEO Naoki Horii

    Agenda : TBD

- "Gothic-wa –Mahou-Otome" Part1 collaboration information

- "Gothic-wa –Mahou-Otome" Part2 Game plying & Quest infomation

- "Gothic-wa –Mahou-Otome" Part3 Game creator's Panel session

- "Dodonpachi-Ichimenbancho" award ceremony

*There's a possibility that schedule may be modified.

●Japan Score Attack Tournament will be held a "RANKERS" section!

[ 10:00 ~ 15:00(scheduled)]

Dodonpachi-Ichimenbancho Score Attack Tournament "shodai-souchou kettei-sen" April,28,2016 3:00pm~April,29,2016 3:00pm. Top ranked playar will win the prize!

Visitors only Score Attack Tournament will be held at the same time!!! Preparing the special gift that you can get only here!! Registration for Visitors only Score Attack Tournament at "RANKERS" section.

Check out Dodonpachi-IchimenBancho special website for details!


Besides the product sales section, Ouritsu-Gakuen-Koubaibu also sells various kinds of rare item, such as『*** of Cattleya』"When you think of sports day ... that's the one!" many more!


Ouritsu-Gakuen-assinged- bloomer

We are prepareing good smell bloomer!! Check them out!

Ouritsu-Gakuen-assinged- bloomer with

smell of Ranun, smell of Cattleya, smell of Souffle, smell of Plumeria, smell of Rosalie


●Capsule gacha-toys section (button badge)

309 types of character come together ! Fire/water/wind/light/ darkness, 5 types of attribution are ready !

button badges

●Arcade cabinet

[ 10:00 ~ 17:00(scheduled) ]

Free to play CAVE shumup!!!



- Dodonpachi-Daifukkatsu BLACK LABEL

- Dodonpachi-Saidaioujou

*There's a possibility that schedule may be modified.

●Free to play Steam (Sponsorship : Degica)

[ 10:00 ~ 17:00(scheduled) ]

Deathsmiles(Now available on Steam), DARIUSBURST(by Taito) are also free to play!



●Artwork for CDs

Please feel free to download.

「ゴシックは魔法乙女」 オリジナルサウンドトラック CAVE SOUND NONSTOP DJMIX ”MATSUMOTO SELECTION” 「わたしたち魔法乙女です☆」 ラナンver.
「わたしたち魔法乙女です☆」 カトレアver. 「わたしたち魔法乙女です☆」 スフレver. 「わたしたち魔法乙女です☆」 ロザリーver.
「わたしたち魔法乙女です☆」 ロザリーver. CAVE GOTHIC COLLECTION 「怒首領蜂大往生/ケツイ~絆地獄たち~」オリジナルサウンドトラック
「虫姫さま」オリジナルサウンドトラック 「虫姫さまふたり」オリジナルサウンドトラック 「デススマイルズ」オリジナルサウンドトラック

●Five devils special PV

●Just before the day!! CAVE festival!! News flash!!

●trial listening : Gothic-wa-Mahou-Otome original soundtrack album


●trial listening : LOVE☆MAXgirls Watashitachi-Mahou-Otome-desu

●LOVE★MAX girls debuted special PV